• Brian D. Hinson

Your Backyard

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Everyone has a backyard, even if you live in an apartment. Your locale is likely filled with places you haven’t visited. It’s easy to get stuck in patronizing the same restaurants and bars and hangouts. You might feel you have all the time in the world to visit that new café or that century-old tavern. Why put it off? A friend once told me that the best guide to your hometown is a visitor: They’ve looked up places they really want to see on their short stay.

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My backyard is New Mexico. It has a reputation of only being a desert. A lot of folks tend to think the mountains and snow end at the southern border of Colorado and that’s where the desert begins.

Not so.

I live in the middle of the state in the shadow of the Manzano Mountains. We’re way up a dirt road in the wilderness. It snows in the winter. We have trees. We live in a canyon, and in this canyon there are a few smaller canyons.

My backyard, lucky me, is spacious and quiet, and I visit it often. I visited today with my dogs and I took a few photos. Please, travel to your backyard, see something new or see something you haven’t seen in a long time. Take a friend, take a dog, take a few photos

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