• Brian D. Hinson

Wildlife in Kruger National Park, South Africa

It’s easy to see why this is one of Africa’s most popular places to safari—easy access and overflowing with wildlife. I prefer the parks in Zambia, but that will be a future post. Kathleen and I were in South Africa for our honeymoon in 2003, and this was her first time on safari. The guide was adept at finding enough animals to fill my first digital camera’s memory cards. Seeing the beasts in their natural habitat is miles from seeing them languid, defeated, and captive in a zoo. Here, they are alert, tense, watchful—eyes darting about, ready to either pounce or flee in a second. Witnessing their routine of survival, all synapses firing, is a staggering experience. The heart thrums seeing a pride of lions beginning their evening hunt. The heart aches at seeing a baby elephant cling to their mother.

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