• Brian D. Hinson

When Long Haired Strange Dudes Meet

Men with long hair are fairly rare these days. I am among the few sporting Loreal locks past my shoulders. And it’s interesting to note that when another brother of the Long Hair Club enters the Uber, there’s an instant kinship. I met a gentleman with gorgeous curly long hair this past Saturday night. The conversation followed the usual pattern.

After we congratulate one another on being confident and creative, we move swiftly to complimenting each other’s hairstyle. From there, the following subjects are covered in no particular order.

Hair Care. That’s right, we of the long hair will share tips and techniques. As for me, I use two different in-shower conditioners and another spray-on for the ends. And I only shampoo twice a week.

My God How Much Do Women Compliment Us Amirite?! We trade tales of the compliments we receive, with anecdotes of women touching our hair, with and without permission.

What Music Are You Into? I’m into more Classical than I am heavy metal, and that seems to throw a lot of people. And no, I’m not in a band. Or a symphony.

Arts. What else are you into? It begins with music, and then we touch on the other arts. I once met a long haired sculptor.

It’s always a positive experience to meet a comrade in hair. Have to say, I have yet to meet a long-haired asshole.

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