• Brian D. Hinson

Trumper in the Uber

“We’re just going to have to let it run it’s course,” said the boomer in the back.

“It will run it’s course, but we should slow it down so we don’t run out of hospital beds.”

“But we have to let it run through, do what’s it’s gonna do.”

“But if we don’t slow it down with some common sense precautions, some people won’t get treated and will be left in the hospital hallway to die.”

“It has to run it’s course, though.”

I rolled my eyes. I think his wife saw me. “Remember what happened in Italy?”

“We have to let it go…”

Trumpers and dementia patients have similar problems: They will forget what you just said and keep repeating themselves.

His wife tipped me five dollars, like an apology for her husband’s lack of self awareness and greater lack of care for his fellow citizens.

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