• Brian D. Hinson

Touchy Topics in the Uber (like COVID)

Picked up a security guard coming off his shift late at night. He was a young guy, hailing from Tennessee. When I spoke of my familial roots from the same area, we started chatting, and he told me that he’s engaged to his former babysitter. We both found this to be hilarious and awesome, but that’s not what this blog is about. The conversation turned to COVID.

He told me that all restrictions should be off, that the virus should be allowed to run its course. He’s not the first passenger to profess this, nor the first to receive a rebuttal that I repeat sourced from every physician and medical professional. “The point of the masks and the lockdowns isn’t to ‘stop’ the virus. You can’t stop it. It’s to slow it down so the hospitals don’t get overrun, don’t run out of beds.” I went on to remind him what had happened in Italy when patients were dying in hospital hallways, when they had to choose who got a ventilator and who didn’t.

“Huh. Well, no one explained it to me like that. I get it now,”

Some people can have things explained to them and understand, and add that new knowledge to their mental library. Some people think they know everything, and even when presented with solid evidence from different angles, refuse to see what’s right in their face.

Health and science shouldn't be political. If the broad body of scientific evidence says smoking cause cancer, who cares what some non-scientist has to say on the issue? We should all be more like security guard guy.

And keep an eye out for our hot babysitter later in life.

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