• Brian D. Hinson

Three Rides, Three Slices of Life

The Date

A well-dressed couple were on their first date. I’ve seen plenty of dates--first, last, and everything in between. I’m calling this one now: It was both the first and last date. The woman was telling him about her two girls the entire fifteen minutes of the ride, mostly telling him what a fantastic parent she is. She tells her daughters she loves them constantly, even waking them up in the middle of the night to do so. Cringe. The gentleman’s replies were single syllables and non-words like “Mmm.” I dropped them off at The Melting Pot, but that date was DOA.

The Father

I picked up a father who had just finished a visit with his son. He was very disappointed. His son was complaining that he loves his brother and sister more than him. This was coming from a man in his 20s with his own apartment, and the other siblings were adults and living on their own, too. The father was drunk and lamenting his son’s lack of maturity and skewed perception. He told me that he plays no favorites, loves all his children equally. Of course, I’m only getting one side of the story here. The son obviously felt differently.

The Trumper

Lastly, the longbeard Trumper who still thinks COVID is bullshit. This gentleman lives in Rio Rancho, so no big surprise. He asked me if I really needed him to wear a mask, and I told him that yes, please, it’s required. Although he was polite in expressing his opinions, he certainly felt the need to tell the Uber driver what was really going on. You see, hospitals have been labeling almost all deaths as COVID-related to get more money. When I told him that other nations are reporting thousands of COVID deaths, too, and in fact certain hotspots like Italy are going into lockdown again, he just said he doesn’t know what’s going on in other countries. Well, a little attention to the entire world might be helpful, good sir. COVID in Iran and Japan was not a hoax to get rid of your favorite president.

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