• Brian D. Hinson

The Vile Girlfriend

A couple got into the car well inebriated from a little get-together at a friend’s house. The guy asked if I played an instrument, since I had classical music on the radio. It’s a common question. I told him not since the college days. He threw out some of his fave classical pieces, and I returned a few of mine, and he mentioned a few metal versions of these…and soon we discovered we’re about the same age and we even claim Rush as our favorite band of all time.

Suddenly we were best friends. He told me that he still plays guitar and that he’s teaching himself the drums and how he had bought a new kit last year. He had taught himself to play Rush's YYZ (impressive!). His girlfriend rolled her eyes a couple times, and soon whispered to me, “I’m sorry, he likes to go on.”

The guy and I kept up our animated conversation, and this clearly was irritating his girlfriend. Why? Was it because she didn’t feel included, and therefore wasn’t getting any attention? She kept acting like her man was embarrassing her, when he was really excited to find someone with similar interests.

People like this are terrible, as if I need to point this out. If something gives your significant other a bright smile, why the hell would you try to tear that down? Or act like it’s embarrassing? I don’t mean to make it sound like only females do this, because this behavior has nothing to do with gender. Anyone can tear down their friend or significant other and it’s really uncomfortable to watch.

As we parted ways in the driveway, she left the car, but the guy and I were still chatting. She returns to tell her boyfriend to quit bothering the Uber driver. She comes around to my side to apologize for his behavior. I ignored her, not really knowing how to respond. I wanted to tell her to fuck off, but that would have been a wee bit inappropriate. He got out of the car after giving me his number.

I hope he dumps her.

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