• Brian D. Hinson

The Time for Business as Usual Has Passed

Where we’re at:

1. Abortion rights chucked beneath the bus

2. Environmental protections gutted

3. Supreme Court packed with four justices appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote

4. Costs of living skyrocketing: gas, housing, food, and US healthcare is total shit

5. Both major parties beholden to moneyed interests and not the people

Options for change.

1. Continuously write your reps to DO something or no support/votes (they know the corporations will give them cash and brunch liberals will still vote for them)

2. Take to the streets for peaceful protest (the oligarchs laugh at your clever signs)

3. Organize a huge strike (likely we’re too divided for this)

4. Protest without being careful of property (uh oh)

5. Fun link (oh shit!)

And lastly, be safe!

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