• Brian D. Hinson

The Shooting Downtown

As I was turning on 4th Street from Lead, I could see the flashing red and blue lights a few blocks up. This is nothing new working downtown Albuquerque after midnight. Another car pulled alongside the first. My pickup pinned the location right next to the patrol cars, where the barriers block traffic for the club scene between Gold and Central. The passenger was right there, ready to go.

He told me about the shooting that just happened. He wasn’t a witness, but everyone was talking about it. Someone got shot on the corner of 5th and Central. I heard later from a twitter user following my live tweets that after shots were fired on the street, the shooter ran into Sister Bar, where the cops got him. The Albuquerque Journal later reported the victim as dead.

So, another shooting during weekend club hours in Albuquerque. The two last summer in Nob Hill still has business light in that district. Twice I’ve heard about a gun being pulled at Salt Yard West. As far as I know, never any shots fired over that way.

So, what kind of pussy needs a gun to feel safe when going out with your friends to a bar? Some drunk dudes give each other attitude, to be sure, but raise your fists and brawl like a man.

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