• Brian D. Hinson

The 1920s Couple on the Run

The Rancher’s Club is a high-end restaurant in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. I pulled up for the call, and there was a tense knot of people outside dressed in 20s attire. One couple broke from the group and approached my car.

The woman spoke first, “We need you to get our friends out of here before the police come.”


“They just got too drunk and too loud.” She slips me a $20 bill.


Escorted from the doors came a guy in his 50s and a woman around thirty. The woman was in fishnets and a flapper hat. In a white suit and a stingy brim (yeah, I had to look that one up), the man needed some assistance from his wife to settle into the back seat.

We left the parking lot as I kept looking around for any sign of cops.

So, the flapper woman started explaining. “I used to work here, so I know the people. I went to the kitchen to say hi to my friends and they told me that I couldn’t be back there.”

“They disrespected my wife,” said the man.

The woman continued, “I just wanted to talk with them for a few minutes and then the manager comes back there. Now she tells me to go.”

“They disrespected my wife.”

“Okay, fine, then I leave back out to the dining room. A little later on, the manager tells me that we had to leave the restaurant.”

“They disrespected my wife!”

“So, we have every right to be there, it’s a party, right? We got all dressed up for this party. My husband starts arguing with the manager, saying that we aren’t going anywhere.”

“They disrespected my wife!”

“Someone then said the police were called. The whole night is just ruined.”

I was really glad they didn’t live too far away. Once I got them to their driveway, they man thought I was great and wanted to give me a cash tip. But he could not find his wallet. While he kept searching his jacket and pants pockets, his wife came through with a few dollars.

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