• Brian D. Hinson

Sunsets on the Niger River in Mali

I live in rural New Mexico where the sunsets are amazing. But there was one lucky day on the Niger River approaching Mopti, Mali where the amazement level was maxed TF out.


It was an older, clunky, smoky ferry we rode down the river with a load of locals and cars. As the sun headed down to the horizon it made for a spectacular light show with the clouds. I clicked the camera so many times. The results were varied as the light grew dim, many of the shots blurring. But the ones that did came out, well, take a look at the results. One made the cover of my Mali-Senegal photo book.


As for Mopti, it was a riot of color. I love traditional West African clothing. And it all looks so comfy. The town was also chaotic and somewhat ramshackle. At the time of my visit, Mali was one of the bottom ten poorest nations of the world, so they’re not going to have bullet trains and spotless streets. But they do have smiles in abundance. And somehow, to a visitor, that means more.

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