• Brian D. Hinson

Romeo in Crises (Don't Be a Stalker)

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

A lad of sixteen climbed into the back of the car and told me we were going to his girlfriend’s place. It was about 1:30 in the morning, so I figured this was a booty call. Yea for him.

Not so.

He said his girl and him had a big fight and she blocked him on all social channels and on her phone. So he was going to head over and knock on her door. At nearly two in the morning. “So, this might make you look a little stalkerish, maybe a little creepy, even.”

This had not crossed his mind, but I got him to thinking. He was still hot and hurt from whatever argument had transpired an hour or so ago.

“Maybe let her cool off for the night. And you. Maybe try talking to her tomorrow afternoon?”

That got him to open up a little. They’ve been dating since they were fifteen, and he was suddenly lost in the void at any hint of them breaking up. He was gonna march right over there and fix things. I told him this was the danger zone, and he just might make things worse. “But, my friend, I’m in your employ. I will drop you off wherever you want. Your call.”

We got to within a block of her house and he had me pull over. He sighed and had me turn around and head back to his folks’ apartment.

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