• Brian D. Hinson

Of Legal Murder, of Systematic Oppression, of Resistance

It is never wrong to use violence against the oppressors who use violence to oppress you. When the powers that be murder members of your community and allow the murderers to escape justice, then violence against those powers is simply self-defense. See also, South Africa, apartheid. See also, Israel/Palestine.

Do you think Gandhi’s methods of resistance would have worked if Nazi Germany occupied India at that time? Of course not. That regime had no humanity. The white oligarchs that rule the United States also have no humanity. There is no sympathy for the plight of the laborers that toil for the most modest of means that often cannot cover the barest of a living. This lack of humanity is clearly evident in the system that perpetuates the poverty and alienation of communities of color and of the working class entire.

When the cost of a doctor can bankrupt you, when education is pitifully funded, when the cost of higher education is far out of reach, when the majority of jobs do not offer a living wage, when the cost of rent can make a working family homeless, and atop all of this, when the uniformed men who police your community have a blank check to murder you for the most pitiful of excuses…the American Dream is a lie, and American oppression is the truth.

And nothing changed with all the televised kneeling, with signs being held high in the streets.

People are still being murdered.

Peaceful means have bore no fruit.


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