• Brian D. Hinson

Don't Be a Loser Like Lance

As most Uber drivers in Albuquerque are hunkering down and avoiding being with passengers in a closed, tight environment of a car, wait times have increased for folks needing a ride. And by the way, fellow ride-sharers, staying home is a wise move, since this is exactly how I caught COVID-19 at the beginning of March. Subsequently, I gave it directly to my wife. (We’re both recovered and invincible now, thanks.)

Saturday night, someone named Lance needed a ride, and he was ten minutes away.

I arrived at the apartment gates and texted him for the code. He was prompt in his response: “I’ll be right out to meet you at the gate.”

After another five minutes, I look at the gates one last time, and after seeing no one there, I canceled the ride, collected my paltry cancelled-ride fee (only available after I wait for someone five whole minutes), and drove away. A minute later, I get pinged with another ride request. Judging by the proximity, I thought it might be Lance again. I accept. It’s Lance. Lance writes me: “I saw you take off from the parking lot.”

I replied: “I checked the gate one last time before I left and you weren’t there. It took me ten minutes to arrive, so you had plenty of time to be ready. But then you made me wait five more minutes. “

And I canceled the ride, leaving Lance temporarily stranded. Whoever the other Uber driver was at that hour was likely 10-20 minutes away. That may sound really petty, and maybe it was a little, but I thought Lance needed a lesson in manners.

PSA: The Uber driver isn’t getting a dime waiting for your ass to get inside the car. So, if you’re not ready, we wait for you, engine running, and it’s literally costing us money.

Don’t be like Lance.

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