• Brian D. Hinson

Churches, a Grand Cemetery, a Procession

Grenada, Nicaragua is an old Spanish colonial town on the coast of Lake Nicaragua. This place breathes its history on every corner: churches dating from the 1500s, cobblestone streets, a cemetery with lavish mausoleums. Volcanoes and Lake Nicaragua add to the scenery. But it's not a quiet place. Once everyone wakes up, the blaring horns of the traffic don't die until almost sunset, and then the music begins. Or, as I was lucky enough to catch, an evening religious procession.

I stayed here with a local family that split their home into rooms for rent, which added a dimension to the whole cultural experience. After some sight-seeing I would come in and pass the dining room, where the family would be gathered for a meal, and everyone would say hello. The patriarch was always kind enough to lend advice.

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