• Brian D. Hinson

Afghan Interpreter

I look forward to picking someone up when they have a name that’s not of the usual European variety. Sometimes I find that I’ve visited their home nation, and that makes for a great connection and conversation. This middle eastern rider that got in a few weeks back wasn’t a from one of the places I’ve set foot in, but Afghanistan. Well, that’s pretty dang interesting, anyway.

He wasn’t a resident of Albuquerque, he was visiting his brother in the hospital, a truck driver that was involved in a horrific traffic accident. The good news was that his brother was recovering and was going to be okay.

He told me he used to be an interpreter for the US Army and American contractors. He emigrated to Dallas half a decade back, along with his wife and children. But sadly, he has a lot of extend family still living in Afghanistan, and he worries about them daily, mainly due to their connection with him.

That’s a tough spot. And there’s not much he can do. But he has a plan to visit. He told his family to make a little trip to India, where he’d meet up with them for a reunion. He’s also looking for a way to get them out of Afghanistan permanently with this plan. He sounded certain about the visit being possible, but the escape to America was the dicey part. He has some clout with the US serving as a war interpreter for many years. I wished him luck.

I hope the rest of his family can escape the Taliban. The US fucked up in a lot of ways over there, but abandoning the people who supported the US and their puppet regime particularly sucks.

Never leave your comrades behind.

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