• Brian D. Hinson

A Night of Relationship Issues

DISCLAIMER: I only got the dudes’ side of these stories. Proceed with caution.

Ditched at Dinner

I picked him up outside the El Vado at night. He immediately told me the story. Him and this girl have been dating about eight or so months. Earlier today, he said his guy friends were kinda-sorta planning to watch the fight. He said this to his girlfriend: If the guys call tonight I’m going to hang out with them. After all, he spent time with her yesterday and they planned on seeing a show together tomorrow night. But, the guys text when they’re out to dinner. He tells her after dinner he’d like to head over there. She gets really pissed. So pissed, she drives off in the car, abandoning him.

So, my dude called an Uber to take him out to hang with his bros. As he’s telling me this, she’s texting him. He didn’t share the exact content of the texts, but they were not friendly, conciliatory, or very constructive, according to him. He eventually put the phone back in his pocket. “I’ll deal with this tomorrow.”

Ditched After Work

This guy I picked up after he got off work. I forget where. But he was sad, despite having the next three days off. He had planned on kicking the three-day hiatus with his girlfriend, but he got a text an hour before clocking out: “I don’t feel like hanging out at all. I just don’t. Feeling down, depressed. And I’m not going to apologize for it.” I agreed that could have been phrased a hundred times better. That looked aggressive. Anyone can feel down and not like hanging out, but to add that last bit? I did wonder if something had happened before which prompted that kind of text.

Anyway, he changed his plans to playing Elden Ring and ordering a pizza. And maybe adding Tinder back to his phone.

Not Ditched. But Throwing it Out There

Had trouble finding this guy at Sandia Casino. (“I’m at this entrance!” “I’m here. Wait, which entrance?”) But once we got together, I found that he had just attended a company banquet. At the shindig of free food and being a little drunk, he took a liking to one of the servers and gave her his number. He also told her that she totally won’t text him. She replied that she planned to, sounding sincere. But he told me he really didn’t believe her.

This isn’t a relationship, obviously, but I think this a lousy approach, hitting on someone who’s trying to do their job, and their job is to be nice to you. Servers often get hit on buy hopeful fellas, and generally do not appear to be happy about it. We have dating apps here in the 21st century. Although he was a great-looking dude (I was totally jealous of his long, curly locks) and smart and interesting (we also chatted about the Van Gogh Immersive Experience currently in town), perhaps it wasn’t too bad getting his number. But still. Allow women to do their jobs unharassed.

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