• Brian D. Hinson

A Dangerous Deportation

“I don’t want you to break the law or anything, but I need to get there fast.”

That’s a kind way of saying, “Speed like fuck, please.” Thing is, I don’t do that, and I made that clear. I might go five over the limit, that’s still safe and APD doesn’t give a shit about that.

He clarified: “Last time I had this old Vietnamese guy (I’m not racist, right? I’m Middle eastern and I don’t care). But anyway, this old guy was going 10 to 15 below the limit. And I’m like, ‘Can you at least go the limit? This is crazy!’ And the he yelled at me! Can you believe that?”

Once we hit the freeway, my speed satisfied this customer, as he patted me on the shoulder and said, “Very good! Thank you!”

Because he had a cool accent, I asked where he was from, and he told me, but I’ll stash that information since this story is a bit sensitive. He goes on to tell me that he first hit our shores back in September 2001. That was rough timing for someone from that area of the world. He went through a lot of serious interrogations, but he was released into the US. In his long path to citizenship, he officially changed his religion from Muslim to Christian. Also, some time between now and back then he was caught with a personal stash of illegal drugs. That last bit, that one mistake, is the part that derailed his citizenship goal. Even though it’s years later from that and an unblemished record since, deportation is looming. The worst part is that his home country isn’t cool with people converting from the state religion, so he’ll likely be thrown in jail, or, worst case, put to death.

The dude’s in a tight spot. He’s got a lawyer, has a career here, everything looks good except for the one thing, and he did his probation for that. For contrast, I got caught in the same possession boat five years ago, did my probation stint and now I don’t even have a record.

There’s no conclusion to this story. I dropped him off and he ran into the hotel. But seriously? For possessing a fun drug, doing no one else any harm, you’re going to send him back to where he might get killed?

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