About Me

Back in 1999, I ditched my shitty office job and career. From then, I've done freelance work, low-effort businesses, and part-time jobs. And never for a single second have I ever regretted it.

With no children and no career, I've been able to travel quite often and quite far. The backpacking experience in third world countries is addicting and fulfilling.

Currently, I Uber weekends and assist my wife Kathleen with her business, Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals. Every couple years or so I have enough money to get out for a few weeks.

As a science fiction writer, I have short stories in these fine magazines: Shoreline of Infinity, Andromeda Spaceways, ParSec, Longshot Island, The Colored Lens, and more forthcoming!

But this blog is about crazy Uber stories and beautiful travel photos. And maybe some tips about both.